Here we will define terms that we need to use in our discussion. If terms have been defined sufficiently elsewhere, please point or cite source.

Definitions (cooked)



A catalog is defined as a list of items, coming from word roots that mean "list, to count up." Examples are a library catalog, a list of items offered for sale, or the catalog of a museum exhibit that lists the items in the exhibit. The library catalog is an inventory of items held by the library, either through ownership or license. It was once equal to what users could physically find in the library; today it includes resources held remotely and resources that are not owned by the library but whose access is managed through the library.


The act of creating entries for a catalog. Library cataloging uses a prescribed set of rules intended to enforce consistent choice of bibliographic description and access points. (See AACR2)


From (O)nline (P)ublic (A)ccess (C)atalog, generally a library catalog that is made available over a network for user access.




Definitions (raw)

The Next Generation "Entity" (not using the term catalog) is comprised of: