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Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 1 month ago

The FRBR Vocabulary

This is an attempt to define FRBR as a vocabulary. It may define some things differently to how they are currently defined in FRBR, but the entities should remain the same. The main area where this differs from FRBR is in what FRBR calls "attributes." The attributes in FRBR are a combination of attributes, refinements and sub-entities. All of this will be explained below.


In Progress


FRBR has:

  • entities
  • relationships
  • attributes
  • entity refinements
  • sub-entities


The entities and their relationships are:


Group 1 entities


  • Work (one)
    • has expression (one or more)
    • has topic (0 or more)


  • Expression (one or more)
    • expresses work (one)
    • has manifestations (one or more)


  • Manifestation (one or more)
    • manifests expression (one)
    • has items (one or more) (0 or more?)


  • Item (one(0?) or more)
    • has manifestation (one)


Group 2 entities



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