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Designing the future -- Library Systems and Data Formats



I began this wiki ages ago, when we were just beginning to think about a post-MARC library catalog. It is now 2020 and although much has changed, a lot has not. One of the things that we tend to ignore in the library field is our own development history. This wiki now has a feel of documentation. I will try to organize it for that purpose, and to add new sections that address new trends. I will also try to emphasize what has not changed, because the lack of change is what we need to pay the most attention to.


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Note: I have gotten some password requests but all they give me is a user ID, so I have no idea who is really requesting the password (could be a spammer). So send me mail and introduce yourself, and I'll set you up here.


Adding to and editing this wiki is encouraged for anyone with an interest in these matters. 







Use Cases

FRBR Models Discussion


Next Generation Catalog



Projects Page



Issues and Ideas

Catalogs as examples


Next Generation Data Format


Framework for A Bibliographic Future

Discussion of Martha Yee's RDF Questions

Data and Studies


Scenarios for the Replacement of MARC

MARC elements


Bibliographic Metadata (formats, vocabularies)

Issues and Ideas

Vocabularies and Registries

Proposed Framework



Application Profiles

AP template  Sohbet

AP template examples












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