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eXtensible Catalog (XC)

"The University of Rochester River Campus Libraries are designing and developing a set of open-source applications that will provide libraries with an alternative way to reveal their collections to library users. This set of applications, called the eXtensible Catalog (XC), will provide easy access to all library resources (both digital and physical collections) and will enable library content to be revealed through other services, such as content management systems and learning management systems."

Open Cover Database

A database of book, DVD, CD covers that can be accessed and used by anyone.

Basic Goal


Access Method(s)


Match keys









Local Caching

Local caching of images is encouraged.

Access Limits

Consider restrictions, if necessary, eg.



What about an xml based service?


What about JSON results?


Building the database


Using the database

Dave Pattern. (2007 February 1.) Michael Stephens = Norman Bates?!?

Dave Pattern. (2007 January 31.) Searching for books by the colour of the cover.

Dave Pattern. (2007 January 30.) Colors of North by Northwest.