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Other Frameworks


If you have done a framework document or design, feel free to post it here, or post ones that you have found. These can give us some fodder for discussion.


Günter Waibel's Framework


Note: This has just been published in FirstMonday.


Günter Waibel created this model of what he calls parallel descriptive technologies in libraries, archives and museums.

This model shows a view of the current situation that illustrates one of the concerns that I (Karen Coyle) have. The Framework that we propose should allow different communities to derive their separate descriptions from some common high-level models. Günter points out that libraries will have some art works to catalog, museums will have some books, and archives will always have a bit of everything. The same items will be cataloged differently depending on which silo happens to house it, and the flow of metadata between these institutions is hampered by the fundamental differences in how the data is organized.


A Framework Slide from Lorcan Dempsey


Lorcan has used this slide in a number of presentations on metadata, and it has many similarities with Waibel's.

You can see the context for this on slideshare.


Lorcan includes the idea of an application profile, something that we need but we also need to think very carefully about the design issues. It would be ideal for our application profiles to be machine-readable (some would say that it is essential that they be machine-readable.) Some standards with application profiles are (links coming soon -- or add them if you know them):





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