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Page history last edited by Karen Coyle 11 years, 8 months ago

Rules For This Wiki

Yes, there are rules. Hopefully not arbitrary ones, but we do need to maintain some order here for this work to be ultimately useful. We'll try to survive with a minimum! number of constraints, so BEHAVE!


Post to this wiki, PLEASE.

You must have a password to post, If you can't figure out how to get one, google Karen Coyle, get her email address, and ask for the password.




Raw and Cooked

Many pages will have a place for "raw" postings, and another place for "cooked" postings. Feel free to add any comments, quotes, whatever, to the raw area. Think of the cooked area as a draft document. In that area we are attempting to create something coherent, with real sentences, some logical organization, and a minimum of redundancy. As raw content is folded into the cooked content, it should be deleted. This, hopefully, will allow for brainstorming, so you do not need to come to the wiki prepared to add to a cooked document.


Adding new pages

Please do not add a new page without first posting your idea on the wiki Administration site. That will help us coordinate the structure of the wiki, and we hopefully won't have to do a lot of cleanup after the fact.

I suspect that we'll have to add LOTS of pages, so go for it, name them something sensible, and we'll sort it out later. I just don't see any other way, but, as always, suggestions are welcome!

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