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FRBR Models Discussion

Page history last edited by Karen Coyle 10 years, 3 months ago



Various versions of FRBR in RDF:








Articles, Blog posts



Background reading:



  • Strictness of entities (classes?) and properties condemns FRBRer to a specialist community
    • disjointness of classes
    • disjointness of properties

     Note: discussion Dec. 2011 with Gordon, TomB and Kcoyle concluded that the strictness is the IFLA SG's intention. Not clear if "someone" should create an un-constrained model nor what that would look like.

  • Incompatibility with mainstream bibliographic data (citations, bookstores, book clubs)
    • Ross's linking terms commonEndeavor commonExpression commonWork commonItem
    • SOBR, by Jakob Voss
  • Conceptual nature of FRs vs. encoding as data models 
  • Lack of linking to non-FRBR vocabularies  (DC, etc.)
  • Acknowledge uses of FRBR concepts, albeit none using the IFLA RDF: LibraryThing, WorldCat, Open Library, VTLS
  • Reconciliation of versions (above)

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